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 We Help People Achieve a Zero Tax Bracket Retirement

My name is John Hubbard, and I am a financial strategist and a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor at The Veritas Group. I am fully licensed in the states of California, Florida, and Missouri.

What Do We Do?

People are worried about their retirement; it keeps them up at night; I help them grow, protect and distribute their wealth and transition them into a Zero Paradigm retirement. We guide people around the eight (8) key retirement risks.

Our Offer:

The Veritas Group offers retirement planning that can help you grow your wealth with less risk, increase your dependable income in retirement, address the 8 key retirement risks, feel more confident spending more of your nest egg while helping you leave a greater family or charitable legacy than you thought possible.

When working with The Veritas Group you get:

  • A team of experts in retirement planning, real estate, tax planning, and estate planning.

  • An approach that is not based on our interests but on your retirement success.

  • Action plans based on math and science and supported by key industry thought leaders. Their advice and research are available for review.

  • Regular reviews to monitor goals and outcomes.

  • Financial literacy education – taxes, economic trends, budgeting, ways to become more tax-efficient, checklists for retirement planning, and ways to avoid the key retirement risks.

Business Owners

The Veritas Group - also assists business organizations in addressing risk, taxation, busy-sell, and executive compensation needs.

What is My Background?

I have been a serial entrepreneur, having founded and run medical and healthcare companies for many years. I know the pressures of creating, running, and scaling an organization where employees depend on the company's success. I know that hard-working employees are struggling against an economy that is bearing down on them.


My work, research, and attention to financial and economic trends in this country increasingly set off alarm bells in my head. Those issues have changed how I have approached my retirement, and I see America's thought leaders making changes to their retirement plans.

Who Trusts Me?

  • Law firms and the partners who founded them.

  • Award-winning insurance brokers.

  • Physical therapists and pediatric nurses.

  • People working within logistics and transportation industries.

  • Workers' compensation managers.

  • Dentists.

Have big or small questions or concerns....?
To arrange a Zoom appointment with The Veritas Group, please complete the form below. 

Comments From Zoom Clients:

  • "The most productive call I had in a decade."

  • "The information is transformative."

  • "I wish I knew this stuff earlier....I would have done things differently."

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