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The 8 Key Retirement Risks You Should Know

Longevity Risk - The fastest growing demographic is people 86 years of age and above. Longevity impacts all other retirement risks.

Welcome To - The Zero Paradigm
A Curated Retirement Readiness Education That Won't Cost You a Dime But Is Worth Millions.

Knowledge is power, mainly if it leads to effective action.

This site will inform, empower and help Americans achieve a financially secure retirement. In 2000, the Social Security department offered a report that concluded 96% of Americans would not attain a retirement that would be economically secure.

We have been gifted retirement strategies by our parents that are ill-equipped to address the economy of the 21st century. We have more market volatility, lower interest rates, massive federal money printing that reduces purchasing power, an aging population that contributes toward deflation, fewer workers paying into Social Security, retirees living longer, and massive national debt.

Today, the future retiree must learn how to save more, be more tax-efficient, learn the rules the game historically hidden from savers, and incorporate strategies that shore up their immediate financial health and prepare them for a two to three-decade retirement.

I hope you enjoy this site and it helps you advance your retirement and business planning goals.

John Hubbard, CRPC 

The Zero Paradigm: What is it?

The Zero Paradigm is a combination of mindset, math, evidence-based research, economics, and a new reality. 

We need a modern approach to mitigate 8 large risks that previous generations did not have to contend with to this degree.

We have been using retirement strategies gifted to us by our parents that are poorly suited to address our 21st-century economy.

We need to address:

  • Longevity risk

  • Withdrawal risk

  • Massive taxes and national debt

  • Stock market risk

  • Sequence of return risk

  • Inflation risk

  • Deflationary risks

  • Long-term care risk

The Zero Paradigm is taking the position that a retirement strategy should seek to reduce taxation to zero in retirement. This requires proactive asset shifting, seeking investments with low fees, higher returns, balancing risk (not just assets), and becoming well-informed. It also requires the realization that packing your contributions primarily into tax-deferred investments in a rising tax environment is a foundational problem for your retirement.

A retirement saver today needs to know the rules, strategies, and economic trends that will allow them to have a financially successful retirement.

Why do you need to get informed and become proactive now? Because in 2000, the Department of Social Security noted 96% of Americans will have an unsuccessful retirement.

We want to help Americans achieve The Zero Paradign retirement.

This site is designed to fast-track your transition into a savvy retirement saver.

Managing Your Retirement Buckets is Key!

We all have only three (3) types of investment buckets. They are your:

  1. Taxable investments - stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Investments within brokerage accounts. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year for these types of investments.

  2. Tax-deferred investments - 401(k), 403(b), 457(b) and Traditional IRA's.

  3. Tax-Free investments - Roth 401(k), Roth IRA, and cash-value life insurance.

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